Next Board Meeting:

November 8-10

Virginia Theological Seminary
Alexandria, VA

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2017 Community of the Cross of Nails, North America


The Rev. Mark B. Pendleton, President (through 2018)
The Rev. Robert T.J. Childers, Vice President (through 2018)
Ms. Angela Shelley, Treasurer (through 2018)
Ms. Erin Newton, Secretary (through 2018)

Ms. Marilyn Peterson, Esq. (2018)
The Very Rev. John Downey (2018)
The Rev. Sarah Buxton-Smith (2019)
The Rev. Dr. Robert S. Heaney (2020)
Ms. Virginia Maurer (2020)
Ms. Pearl Chin (2021)
The Very Rev. Walter B. A. Brownridge (2021)
The Rev. Jim Warnock (2021)


Board members meeting in St. Louis November 14, 2015 



Almighty God, who through the life,

death and resurrection of your son Jesus

Christ, has committed us to the ministry

of reconciliation through forgiveness and

love: Give us confidence in your external

power to heal, of which Christ’s cross is

for us a sign.  Bless, in his name, the

Community of the Cross of Nails

throughout the world, and enable its

members to be witness of your work

among us.  Unite us in a sacred fellowship

to further your purposes of healing, and

enable all to know that we are your

disciples because we love one another,

through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.